Contract Drafting and Review

Like it or not, contracts form the foundation of the business world. Many small companies are so eager to get the doors open, attract customers and move product that they fail to adequately protect themselves by having a clear understanding of their business obligations and commitments. Even if a company can’t afford a dedicated in-house legal department, it’s important that it have an experienced business attorney in its corner. This is where our office can help business owners.

Whether it’s creating a single custom agreement for general use in commercial transactions, or a suite of contracts that covers various scenarios encountered by a company in the course of doing business, Anthony can advise owners and executives on legal matters, as well as assist in identifying the essentials of a transaction and drafting appropriate contract language.

Similarly, when a firm is presented with a contract prepared by an outside party, it’s important to have that document reviewed by legal counsel. As we all know from our cell phone agreements, if you sign something, the law presumes that you’ve read it and understood it—in the world of commercial transactions, contractual obligations have the potential make or break a company. In his practice, Anthony provides clients with personal attention and prompt turnaround at every step.