Anthony spent most of his early professional life searching for viable ways to capitalize on his affinity for spreadsheets and seeking a level of workplace enjoyment that rivaled his time spent coaching basketball during college summers.  After traversing a circuitous route that took him to Stanford for an Economics degree, USC for a Law degree, and included working as a substitute teacher and earning a CA real estate broker’s license, Anthony discovered the satisfaction that comes from assisting business owners in running their businesses successfully. Anthony frees his clients to achieve their business objectives by advising them on what are often complex contract matters and helping them navigate the morass of state regulations and local rules.

Anthony’s range of experience includes four years as Executive Assistant to the President and Legal Coordinator at the Academy of Art University—the second largest private landowner in the City and County of San Francisco—running a Bay Area investment and management consulting firm for three years, and providing counsel to regional non-profits and start-up companies. He is also a founding member of Point Presidio Development Group, LLC, a San Francisco-based real estate development firm specializing in multi-unit residential properties.

Anthony is well acquainted with the sometimes-confounding requirements of a broad cross-section of city and state departments. Combining his practical experience with his uncanny ability to consistently pick the fastest checkout line, it is clear why expediting entity formation and compliance for small- to medium-sized businesses is such a natural avocation for Anthony.

He also has an aptitude for decoding fine print. Having crafted and reviewed numerous contracts of all kinds, Anthony has pored over more tiny-lettered documents than most humans do in a lifetime. He is equally undaunted by the prospect of filling out obscure Board of Equalization forms, comparing redlined versions of competing 50-page documents, or deciphering information on government websites.